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Republicans say they're ready for power shift, for the most part

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Like many other colleges in the U.S., a majority of University of Iowa students favored Barack Obama at voting time, according to polls conducted by the college.

But those who voted for John McCain say for the most part, they're ready to set aside party differences in the spirit of positive change.

Bursts of applause and cheers could be heard in front of television screens across campus Tuesday morning.

Even though he voted for McCain, Chris Neinart put his hands together for Obama.

"Times are tough now and it's important we have a strong leader that can encourage the nation to put aside differences between Republicans and Democrats."

He believes Obama can do that, but has lingering doubts on his plans for fixing the economy.

"The welfare system and the effects of his economic plans," said Neinart.

Senior Dean Olson also voted for McCain, but says he trusts Obama's vision for our nation's future.

"I feel Barack Obama will do a great job, maybe not with the same aspects and focus on everything that I was looking for in a president."

He hasn't heard of hardly any Republican classmates unwilling to listen to the president-elect's message of unity.

"I definitely feel like it's bringing the whole country together."

Some told us they don't doubt Obama, but rather the balance of power in Washington, D.C. 

"I am a little worried that we're very Democrat-heavy in the Senate and the House right now," said Lindsey Knake.

Robin Donegan still feels the media shunned his candidate at campaign time. "I just feel like the whole election was just swamped with Democrats and liberal views," he told us.

However, he's ready to move on.

"At first we were upset, but I think everyone's coming to realize we need to give him a chance, and do whatever's best for the country."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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