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Tips for creating and uploading videos

Tips for shooting video

  • Keep the camera steady, don't move around too much or the video will look jerky.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light to avoid dark or grainy video.
  • If you are shooting video inside a building, make sure the blinds are closed so you don't have extra light coming in through a window. This will make people in the video dark with a bright light behind them.
  • If you are using the microphone built into the camera, make sure there is very little background noise.

Tips for content

  • Keep the concept simple. Don't try to plan something that involves lots of editing or effects unless you are familiar with editing software.
  • Keep it focused. Choose one of the six pillars and make sure anyone watching would be able to easily understand why your class demonstrates that character trait.
  • Make it original. Make sure your video stands out from the rest.

File formats
Videos must be in .flv, .wmv, .asf, .avi, .mov, .3gp, .mpg, .mpeg, or .mp4.

Must not exceed 100 MB.

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