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Rebecca Bond: rescuing each other

by Sunny Layne

WAVERLY (KWWL) -- President-Elect Obama has asked Americans to serve in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

There are plenty of every-day volunteers already giving service, both of the human persuasion, and animal.

Meet Rebecca Bond and her Black Lab Bridgette, both of whom you should know.

Waverly Veterinary Clinic Technician Rebecca Bond had to study hard to get her job working with animals.

"She doesn't like getting manicures or her ears cleaned," Bond said of her dog Bridgette.

But Bond said she claims she can learn even more from animals.

"These are my children."

Bond takes the love of her four-legged friends home with her.

"We naturally acquire things, they find their way to us," she said. "Our house is a zoo and we love it!"

Bond rescued two of her three dogs.

"Three broken legs, I just couldn't help myself," she said.

There's Tad, once hit by a car and abandoned, Frankie, and Black Lab Bridgette.

Bond says it will take more than pigs flying to get her to stop caring for animals.

"Got a call from the sheriff on day, 'Will you take in a stray pig?' Either transported off a truck or flying in a tornado," she said. "It was around that time."

Floyd the pig stayed with Bond's family.

"We bottle fed him," she said.

Because animals have given her so much, Bond says she wanted to share their unconditional love with others through her certified therapy dog Bridgette at Waverly Municipal Hospital.

"I rescued them and they rescued me," she said.

"Rebecca and Bridgette are our two most popular volunteers," Social Services Manager Michele Schultz said, "From the moment she comes into the room, she brightens your spirits. She spends 5 to 10 minutes with patients. They hug her, she kisses them. We talk about what life was like at home," she said.

Hospital staffers say sometimes a cold wet nose, and love, is just what the doctor ordered.

"I think I've learned all the important lessons of life from my animals," Bond said.

Giving continues outside the animal world for Rebecca Bond, she recently donated her hair to locks of love, to make wigs for people undergoing chemotherapy.

Reporter: Sunny Layne

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