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One day away from history


WASHINGTON, D.C. (KWWL) - We are one day away from history.

Less than 24 hours from now, Barack Obama will take the oath of office and become the nation's first African-American president.

More than a million people are expected to crowd the national mall to watch.

One day before becoming president, Barack Obama spent the morning at a homeless shelter for teens... part of what he calls a "national day of service."

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden also volunteering.

Serving others - it's how the president-elect wants people to commemorate... Martin Luther King Day.

The National Mall, where King's famous speech drew thousands 45 years ago will be packed again... with people who see Obama as King's dream realized.

Keith Jones, who is an Obama supporter. said, "Our parents, grandparents, those of us who grew up in the civil rights movement, this is just a historical moment for us."

Carrie Meek, Florida's first African-American member of congress, will be in the crowd when Obama is sworn in:  "To me it is validation of my having been around all these years wishing and hoping that someday we would have a black president... I never thought I would live to see the day so this is a very, very important day to me."

The record crowd expected Tuesday means massive security: 25,000 officers, snipers on rooftops, roads, airspace and waterways closed.

Online producer:  Adam Amdor

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