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Snow days piling up


by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- The temperatures forced many schools to call off class again Friday.  

Waterloo and Cedar Falls were planning on a two hour delay, but classes had to be cancelled when drivers couldn't start their busses.  The diesel fuel in the busses gelled up overnight.

In Cedar Falls, like most districts, will be adding snows days on to the end of year, but if they miss anymore, they may have to get creative.

Frigid temperatures overnight turned a two-hour delay into a day off for the Cedar Falls School District.

"We had busses gel up this morning and when you don't have busses you can't have school," Superintendent Dave Stoakes said.

The district has already missed four days this year for snow and cold weather. They will add those days to the end of the year. Anymore and the district may have to change teacher in-service into a regular school day.

"We have a couple of professional development days that are all day professional development  days and we might move those to the end of the year after the students are done so we have a chance to make up a student day," Superintendent Stoakes said.

When school is called off students have to find other places to go. The Black Hawk County YMCA sees 30 to 50 more day passes on days where school is called off.

"We just like to be open and available because obviously more parents have to go to work and they need a place for their kids to go that is safe and they're not sitting and watching TV for five hours while they're gone to work," Sports Director for the Black Hawk County YMCA, Ryan Mathews said.

As for the Cedar Falls School District they will continue to use snow days if it keeps their students safe.

"Everybody has a different opinion and people like to share their opinions with me about the weather and what our decision have been, but first and foremost we're going to put the safety of our students is the top of the list," Stoakes said.


Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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