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Cedar Rapids experiences its coldest day ever


by Bryan Goettel

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Congratulations Cedar Rapids, an all-time record of 29 degrees below zero at the airport Thursday morning. For people flying in, not only was it a jolt to the system to step outside, for some it only got worse when they found their car buried in snow.

Passengers flying in to Cedar Rapids Thursday knew they were in for a rude awakening.

"It was funny because when we got on the plane the pilot was like, yeah, we'll be landing in Cedar Rapids at 11:00 and it's gonna be negative 30," said Mount Mercy student Jimmy Scroggins. "And I was just like 'Negative thirty'!"

Scroggins was returning from the 70-degree sunshine of Phoenix for the spring semester at Mount Mercy.

"People shouldn't be able to like, live in this weather," said Scroggins.

Darcie Strabala had no idea she would be celebrating a late Christmas in weather fit for the North Pole.

"We picked the right week didn't we?" said Darcie's mom, Connie.

Knowing what you're coming back to is one thing...

Experiencing it is another.

William Hunter, of Cedar Falls, was vacationing with his family in Phoenix.  The weather in Cedar Rapids made him wish his family had stayed a little longer.

"Yeah, another month would be good I think," said Hunter.

Some needed almost that long to dig themselves out.

Others had even worse luck.

"I'm having issues, man," said one man whose car wouldn't start.

You couldn't even improve the mood by telling people they were part of a record-breaking day.

"This kind of history I can do without," said Hunter. 

As for that 29 below mark, well it may not even have time to thaw out in the record books. The forecast isn't ruling out even colder temperatures for Thursday night.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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