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Trying to stay warm in frigid weather

by John Wilmer

WATERLOO (KWWL) - Just trying to stay warm in these frigid temperatures is a challenge for some.

Downtown Cedar Falls, like most of eastern resembled a ghost town. Only the bravest of people ventured out in these frigid temperatures . Cup of Joe on main street is us usually hopping on a Thursday morning, but  even the promise of hot cup of coffee couldn't get many people in the door.

"I actually ventured out into the cold when I didn't need to because schools were canceled, but to kind of relax and hang out and read my bible and to get some coffee and warm up," customer Amy Dolgener said.

Caribbean Tan and Spa was far from tropical, but a number of people still made their way in to get a taste of the summer sun.

"About in December we start seeing more people come in and our busy season is from January to mid may.  People are getting ready to go on vacation," owner of Caribbean Tan and Spa, Michele Hersome said.

The Salvation Army is not seeing an increase of people searching for shelter during this cold period.

"The impression that I get is that the individuals that are inside are going to hunker down wherever they are at now.  We have not seen any increase in regards to individuals coming into our services in particular the shelters or even the food program," David Rainey of the Salvation Army said.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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