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Donated kidneys safely delivered after crash


WATERLOO (KWWL) - Two Iowa State Troopers are being praised for ensuring that two kidneys, en route to an Iowa hospital, were safely delivered after the vehicle in which they were being transported crashed. Iowa Donor Network nurse Mike Kaiser, who was delivering two kidneys to a hospital for transplants, was involved in a single vehicle accident due to weather conditions.

Mr. Kaiser was picked up by Trooper Chad Hollingsworth at the interchange of Highway 63 and Interstate 80 near Malcom. Trooper Hollingsworth told Mr. Kaiser that he would do everything possible to transport him and his fragile, lifesaving cargo- two kidneys- to the hospital where two patients were awaiting transplant. On the way to the hospital, the pair noticed that another vehicle had just rolled into a deep ditch at the 201 mile marker of Interstate 80 in Poweshiek County. Trooper Hollingsworth dispatched another officer, Trooper Jon Degen to complete the trip, taking Mr. Kaiser and the kidneys to a hospital so Trooper Hollingsworth could continue to help those in the rolled-over vehicle.

Paul Sodders, Public Affairs Manager for the Iowa Donor Network said, "The Iowa Donor Network salutes the Iowa State Patrol for ensuring the public safety of Iowans." He added, "Today Troopers Hollingsworth and Degen are to be commended for not only rescuing one of our own employees, but also saving the lives of two people who desperately needed kidney transplants to stay alive. We celebrate their commitment to keeping Iowans safe and saving lives."

Iowa Department of Public Safety Commissioner Eugene T. Meyer said, "We often hear about things being a matter of life and death. But today these Troopers' actions made the difference between life and death. They rescued a nurse and saved the lives of two organ transplant recipients. I'm proud that these State Troopers exercised excellent judgment, and made timely decisions that ensured these organs arrived at the hospital in superb condition."

The Iowa Donor Network is unable to comment on where the kidneys came from and where they were going at this time for medical confidentiality reasons.

Nurse Mike Kaiser did seek medical treatment after the kidneys were delivered safely. His injuries were not life-threatening.

Online Producer: Jason Mortvedt

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