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Clothing to wear to stay warm

Waterloo (KWWL) - A Wind Chill Warning until Friday predicts 25 to 45 degrees below zero, meaning you could get frostsbite in a matter of minutes, so it's important to dress properly.

First, and most importantly - layer for success. Layers insulate and trap warm air.

Next, choose your clothing materials carefully. Cotton loses its insulating ability when wet and should be avoided.

Wool works because it absorbs moisture without pulling heat away.

One rule of thumb is that the dumber your head-gear looks, the warmer it is. Your head may not feel cold, because your body sends a lot of heat to protect it.

Keeping your head warm will save heat for your feet and hands. It's good to wear two pair of gloves and socks, as weel as insulated boots.


Online Producer: Maria Magner

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