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Amber Alert Awareness Day

DES MOINES (KWWL) -- "Currently there are no active AMBER Alerts in the State of Iowa." In a typical year, this is the message that appears on the AMBER Alert web site roughly 363 days of the year. Fortunately, the AMBER Alert system in Iowa is rarely needed, but it is a valuable tool that is ready and waiting when a child is abducted in the Hawkeye State.

To help prepare for that moment, the Iowa Department of Public Safety is encouraging Iowans to sign up for Wireless AMBER Alerts Tuesday, National AMBER Alert Awareness Day. Wireless AMBER Alerts are one way Iowans can help law enforcement ensure the safe recovery of an abducted child. If you sign up for Wireless AMBER Alerts, you will receive a free text message detailing the alert when a child has been abducted. Go to to learn more about Wireless AMBER Alerts and how you can sign up.

The Iowa AMBER Alert system has been used just 14 times in its six year history in Iowa. Most recently, it was activated on January 5, 2009 at 1:10 p.m. after 17 year old Aziza Tambrianna Wirth was observed being taken from a residence in Lucas, Iowa by 20 year old Joseph Vivone. The AMBER Alert was cancelled at 1:27 p.m. when Joseph Vivone was taken into custody at the Lucas County Courthouse. Aziza Wirth, who is now safe, is just one of the 13 Iowa children who have been safely recovered when an Iowa AMBER Alert was issued after their abduction.

You will know when an AMBER Alert is issued in Iowa, as detailed information about the child and abductor(s) will be broadcast on television and radio stations across the state. Iowans will also hear alerts via their weather radios and see alerts on the electronic message boards along Iowa interstates and highways. This same information will be sent to your mobile device when you sign up for Wireless AMBER Alerts. It's just one more way the general public can learn of an AMBER Alert faster and in turn, help law enforcement find and safely return an abducted child.

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