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Plows keep going despite blizzard conditions

by Bryan Goettel

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Shortly after 7:00 Monday night conditions began to take a turn in Iowa City. Temperatures started plummeting and winds picked up. If visibility gets too bad, the Iowa Department of Transportation will begin pulling plows off of interstates and highways. But for crews working within Iowa City, the plowing never stops.

Brian Michel clocked in at 7:00 monday morning.

"We'll work a 16-hour shift and then we'll have two guys come in at 11:00 tonight and cover for us until a crew comes in in the morning," said Michel, a senior maintenance worker for the Iowa City street department.

That's the life Michel has gotten used to in his almost quarter century of plowing the streets in Iowa City. A storm with snow followed by wind makes the long days even longer.

"It'll make it difficult," said Michel. "We'll probably have to plow everything all over again eventually."

Plows on the interstates and highways could be put in park if conditions get too bad... But in town, the plows keep on plowing.

"If it would get too dangerous and treacherous, we would probably pull off," said Michel.  "But I've worked for the city 23, 24 years and I've never seen it happen."

Street crews in Iowa City use a mixture of sand and salt. But here we are in only the second week of January and Michel says the salt supply is already getting low. Much more snow and he says the shortage will soon become a concern.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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