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Two cities hope snow emergencies will be followed, for 1st and 2nd time

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - As winter rears its head once again, one Eastern Iowa city is getting ready to use its new snow emergency for the first time ever. Another is hoping that the second time using theirs will result in fewer cars being hauled off to the impound.

Over fifty vehicles were towed this past Christmas Eve in Iowa City, when their emergency first went into effect.

Carol Sweeting with public works says it was bad timing on the weather's part.

"A number of people had left town, and other people were busy getting off early from work."

If an emergency is called in Iowa City, the general rule is to follow the signs on whatever street you park on. If there are no signs, you should park on even-numbered sides of streets on even days, and odd-numbered sides on odd days.

"After that has been enacted, the community has four hours to move their vehicle to the correct side of the street," says Sweeting. "Iowa City also at that time would open the parking ramps, and if you didn't have off-street parking you could go to that or free parking."

Several miles to the north, Director of Public Works Scott Kleppe is trying to let the city of Solon know about its first-ever snow emergency, declared Monday.

"Anything above 2 inches of snow," said Kleppe, describing when an emergency would be called. "It could also be ice or wind-related."

When it takes effect, residents will not be allowed to park on any public streets.

"They can be ticketed, they can be towed, or both."

Solon has no police department, so they'll rely on Johnson County Sheriff's deputies to enforce the rules.

As of Monday morning, Sweeting said Iowa City had not yet declared its snow emergency, but added it was possible it could take effect by mid-week.

Solon set theirs to take effect 11 PM Monday night.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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