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Health Plus-Wellness Program

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Before you break that New Year's resolution to exercise and eat better, consider getting some help to stick to it.  In Health Plus, a wellness program that shows you how to have more but weigh less.

After battling her weight for decades, Carol McCombs happily has it under control.

"One more January that I wanted to try something else and it worked," she says.

One year ago in January the 62-year-old's heart had been racing.  Losing weight and exercising couldn't hurt, her doctor said.  So she joined a 6-week wellness program at the Kimball Ridge Center in Waterloo.

 "It gives them all the information that they need to take it into their life and apply it to it," says Merriam Lake, a health promotion facilitator.

It's called 'Have More, Weigh Less'.  The Covenant Medical Center program includes use of the fitness center, unlimited classes and a lot of guidance.

"We've had high school girls, college girls, middle-aged men and women and older men and women," says Lake.

Carol did so well the first six weeks, she signed on all year.

 "I just don't bring things into the house I can't have around me. I cook different than I used to."

And she exercises three to four times a week.  The Waterloo woman dropped 30 pounds by June and has kept it off since.

"If you've tried and tried, try again because this time it might work," she says. 

In fact, Carol is down to her smallest clothes size since 9th grade!

To find out more information about the program in Waterloo and to sign up for 6 weeks, call this number 272-2255.

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