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U of I bowl trip expected to be within budget

by Bryan Goettel

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - 622 People with the University of Iowa made the trip to the Outback Bowl...all courtesy of the school. At first glance, it seems like a staggering number. But when it's all broken down, the numbers quickly add up.

Thousands of fans dug deep into their pockets to follow the Hawks to Florida for last week's Outback Bowl. More than six hundred others with the university made it there without paying a penny.

"We get a certain amount of money and then we build a budget around those dollars," said U of I associate athletic director Jane Meyer.

It breaks down something like this:

Of the 622 people, 240 are in the marching band alone. Another 115 includes the team, coaches and trainers. President Sally Mason and other U of I officials and guests make up another 29. Cheerleaders, dance team members and other staff help account for the rest. This trip isn't just a reward for the team making a bowl.

"There's also a responsibility that you take a certain number of people," said Meyer. "There are required events for the president to be at. There are required events for the athletic director. There are required events for the band and the head coach."

Iowa's payout for the Outback Bowl is 1.65 million dollars. That money comes down from the Big Ten. It's then up to the university to meet that budget.

"We have an expectation to be within budget and we'll be within budget."

Meyer says it will take months before she knows the total bill from the trip. She says any dollars left over will go into the athletic department's operating budget.

For a complete list of people who attended the Outback Bowl courtesy of the University of Iowa, click here.

Six other Big Ten schools had bowl births this year. Ohio State University sent 586 people on the school's dime.  They say that's less than in previous years.  Penn State estimated they sent 600 people.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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