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Dubuque announces new pet licensing process


City Announces New Pet Licensing Process

The City of Dubuque and Dubuque County are now selling dog and cat licenses through PetData, Inc., a firm which specializes in handling pet licensing services throughout the country. 

The City's Health Services Department researched the issuing of pet licenses in 2008 and identified PetData, the only known vendor to provide a pet-licensing service.  Dog and cat licenses were previously issued by the City Clerk's Office.  Because of the increasing number of pet licenses and inefficiencies in the current system, the City elected to pursue more consumer-friendly options for purchasing pet licenses. 

The new system with PetData will allow year-round license sales instead of the three-month time periods of January through March (for dogs) and July through September (for cats).  Pet owners will receive an invoice from PetData in the mail when their license is due and will have one month to purchase the license before it becomes delinquent.  Payments will be sent to PetData with the license tags being mailed back to the pet owners.  Licenses will then be due one year from the original date of purchase. The majority of licenses are purchased via mail so this will not be a significant change for most pet owners.  Licenses can also be purchased on-line with a small additional fee. 

PetData has efficiencies built into their web-based licensing system that will allow for more accurate pet license invoice mailings and recordkeeping.  This will benefit the citizens, pet owners, and the City's Animal Control staff.  In addition, the City Clerk will not need to hire a part-time secretary, which was approved for the pet-licensing administration activity.  This is a direct savings of $12,882. 

Dog owners in Dubuque will receive an invoice from PetData Inc. in January 2009.  Cat owners will receive their pet license invoice in the future months. Owners with new dogs and cats can apply for a license online at www.petdata.com or contact the City of Dubuque Health Services Department.

Annual license fees for the City of Dubuque are:

  • Spayed/neutered dog or cat - $12.00
  • Non-spayed/non-neutered dog or cat - $30.00
  • Delinquent fee for dogs and cats - $10.00

For additional information, call the City of Dubuque Health Services Department at 589-4181 or visit www.cityofdubuque.org/health.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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