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Gym memberships worth investment despite economy

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - According to our KWWL.COM online poll. You choose loosing weight and getting in shape as one a top news year's resolution. But with a tough economy, following through on that resolution can be expensive.

Every gym has a different, some say membership is down cause of the economy, others say membership is up. But the one thing they all agree on: people are still making their health a priority.

Just after 6 o'clock on a weeknight in early January the gym floor at the Dubuque YMCA is packed with members new and old.

"This year is going to be a very interesting year because the economy is tanked so I'm not really sure what's gonna happen," said Andrew Gillip, Health and Wellness Director at the Dubuque YMCA.

For now, memberships are up, despite a tough economy.

"Its a lot more cost effective than buying prescriptions," said 27 year member, Gene Hoefflin.

Bottom line, people are paying for gym memberships in hopes to save money in the end.

Over at The Gym in Dubuque, the story reads the same.

"This is the busiest week we've has since we opened," said Creighton Kinny.

Kinny is a personal trainer at The Gym and says people are using the gym as an outlet.

"It's not just that they are working out, it's that they are meeting new people and they are finding a positive outlet," said Kinny.

A positive outlet to escape from the stress of the economy, while making an investment that's sure to pay off.

"In hard times staying healthy is the best way to save money," said Gillip.

"You're investing in yourself, you're putting in money where your getting something else. You're helping your body right here," added Kinny.

Classes and personal trainers are among the popular resources drawing people to the gym. Either way, they say fitness is not a luxury, it's an investment that's becoming a necessity.

Working out might be costly, but you could spend a lot more if you don't.

An average gym membership is $300 a year. The CDC finds that the added lifetime medical costs to being overweight is more than $10,000. That would pay for 33 years worth of gym memberships.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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