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Extreme fitness catching on throughout the country

SAN DIEGO (KWWL) -  The future of fitness might be extreme fitness.

All over the nation, gyms have started classes featuring martial arts as a way of getting in shape.

"You're coming in here and you're getting a workout like no other workout you've ever experienced," said California trainer Susan Silver. "Do boxing, jujitsu, and then we do cross fit which is explosive strength training, endurance training."

"We probably have a 100 members a month that come in here that are beginners, that never really took a class," said San Diego gym owner Joe Menino. "Maybe they did a little something at a 24 hour fitness, but they never really enjoyed an intense class and the kind of instruction that we have here."

Fitness instructors have found that it's not just men who are interested in extreme workouts. Women are also signing up now more than ever.

"It's not a guy's gym, said Menino. "I mean it may seem when you look at it that it's martial arts and stuff like that. But there are so many females and I think they're doing that because it's a tough world out there and you need to defend yourself. And this is getting you fit and making it so that you can defend yourself."

Online Executive Producer Nate Leding

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