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This year's flu proving resistant to antiviral treatments

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- We're nearing what should be the peak of flu season, and experts say this year's flu is different than years past.   Experts say this year's flu strain is responding better to the flu shot than last year, but for the first time, the flu strains this year aren't responding as well to treatments like tamaflu as years past.

"Based on the cultures that CDC is reporting, we're showing a good match with the influenza strains that have been circulating in the nation, so we expect it to be improved over last year where there was a little bit more dissonance," Ann Burds, infection control nurse at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, said.

"The strains that are being identified are resistant to some of the antiviral medications that are commonly used, so it's another good reason to take the vaccine early."

Here are the symptoms of influenza from the CDC:

High fever

Extreme tiredness


Sore throat

Runny or stuffy nose

Body aches

Diarrhea or vomiting.(though more common in children and the elderly)

Experts say body aches and fever are the real tell-tale signs as stomach problems can often indicate an intestinal virus, not the flu.

So far this season, CDC data shows we're doing better than in the last two seasons with less cases of the flu reported nationwide . In the past two seasons, the CDC reports the biggest hike in flulike cases was near the seventh week of the year -- so still some time to catch up.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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