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MRI & Mammograms offer one-two punch in cancer screening

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- When it comes to screening for breast cancer -- it seems two methods may be better than one, according to research. 

Most women considered at high risk for breast cancer get a mammogram and an MRI once a year -- around the same time.

But researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas wanted to see if tumors could be detected earlier with screenings every six months -- alternating between methods.

In a study of 86 high risk women, they found MRI was better at detecting tumors than mammograms. But researchers say mammograms should still be used because they are able to detect microcalcifications, which are small bits of calcium, and are usually not cancerous.

Also, most insurance companies will only cover one MRI a year so using mammograms in between is strongly recommended.


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