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Travelers hope non-stop flights to NY will return

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - As some of the last nonstop flights to New York departed from the Eastern Iowa Airport on Friday, passengers said they're sad to know that next time they fly, it won't be this easy. The last flight to the La Guardia Airport leaves Monday. 

The news came as a surprise to Catherine Stewart.

"I was thrilled to get this nonstop flight to New York City and La Guardia, so I'm very disappointed to hear that, and a little bit in shock," said Stewart. "I wonder if we'll have to drive to Moline now."

She and David Strass go there for business fairly frequently. She's made trips for research, and this time she was going for a conference.

Strass also expressed disappointment. "We really like this airport, and it's very convenient. It always seems to get a little harder to fly."

The problem for this flight was not a lack of demand, but scheduling.

An airport spokeswoman said the non-stop to New York appealed to business men and women, but that most of them preferred morning departures to those in the afternoon.

The spokewoman says the flight may return someday, but that getting a morning trip to the packed La Guardia airport is tricky.

After monday, travelers will still have options for getting to New York, but those options will be less convenient.

They can either take a connecting flight through another city, or go to Des Moines, which is the next closest airport to offer a nonstop trip to the Big Apple.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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