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Still no charges in Dyersville homicide

Dyersville (KWWL) -- Charges still have not been filed in the shooting death of an eastern Iowa man that happened one month ago. 24-year-old David Herman was shot at an apartment complex in Dyersville on November 29th.

The Dubuque County Sheriff's department says 48-year-old Christopher Leppert of Dubuque pulled the trigger, but more than a month later, the case has been deemed a homicide and no charges have been filed.

Right now, Dubuque County Attorney Ralph Potter says says they will not rush into homicide charges. County authorities say the homicide happened during a fight when Leppert, a locksmith -- changed the locks on the apartment Herman was evicted from.

Attorneys are continuing to investigate whether Leppert was justified in killing Herman, but Herman's family calls the shooting murder and wants Leppert in custody.

"He liked his family and he was good with his little girl, and just a pretty easy-going fellow," Vicki Bond of Saint Olaf, Herman's aunt, said.

Bond says what happened a month ago at the Dyersville apartment is devastating.

"It was awful. The first thing we thought of was little Delilah. I mean, she's without her father now. It just seemed so senseless," Bond said.

Even a month later, bond says the family isn't sure exactly what happened that day or how any argument could have led a locksmith to fire a gun at Herman, but she says until those questions are answered, she wants Leppert in jail.

"I just don't understand how somebody could shoot someone and be able to walk the street. I understand you're innocent until proven guilty, but it seems to me he should be in someone's custody. I mean he did kill someone," Bond said.

Bond says what's become a long investigation has made her family wonder if they'll ever get the justice they seek.

"I've always been a believer in the law enforcement system, but it's very hard to have faith in a system that would allow a man to shoot somebody in the heart and let him walk the streets and be free," Bond said.

The attorney's office is waiting for evidence to come back from the state crime lab which could take several more weeks. Until then, they say no charges would be filed.

The county attorney says while all physical evidence has been collected, witnesses have still been coming forward. A few more came forward in just the last two weeks.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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