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Flood waters rise again

by John Wilmer

WAVERLY (KWWL) - One eastern Iowa family is facing flood waters for the second time this year.

The Stuva family of Waverly lost their home when the Cedar River climbed out of its banks in June. This past weekend their vacant home was flooded again, this time a frozen water pipe burst which caused the basement to fill with more than four feet of water.

When the Stuva family's home was deemed unsafe to live in they assumed the city would shut of their water, but they were wrong. Over the weekend they returned to their home to gather a few belongings and discovered their basement once again filled with water.          

"To me it shows that the communication is not there.  The communication between the community and the city council, city administrator and the mayor and that just isn't there," Juneal Stuva said.

Now a new organization in Waverly has formed called Waverly Citizens United.  This group is fighting for those who lost so much in the floods.        

"We've been going to council meetings not only with concerns but with proposals and things to help things a long.  I don't know if we're being received very well, but we're going to keep trying and they'll learn we're trying to make a difference and not just try to be critical," Ron Camarata of Waverly Citizens United said.

City crews came to the Stuva house Monday morning and shut off the water.  They dug up the water shut off in the front yard so no more water would come into the basement. 

Stuva says she isn't making all this noise because she wants here own house to get fixed, she just wants to help others who are in a similar situation.

"My concern isn't for me anymore. I have a gorgeous house to live in. My concern is what everybody needs and we all need to communicate," Stuva said.

For this we contacted the city of Waverly, but we still have not received a reply.

Stuva say she did have flood insurance, but that money went to pay her mortgage company.

Online Reporter: John Wilmer

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