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Hospitals see ice-related injuries during thawing, freezing cycle

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- Warmer temperatures are good for melting snow and ice, but could cause dangerous conditions after refreezing on the streets and sidewalks.

Every winter, hospitals see dozens of ice-related injuries, mostly from people falling.

Finley Hospital emergency room workers say the most common injuries are wrist, ankle and hip fractures, but they also see dislocations, head injuries, cuts and severe bruises.

Doctors have already seen a number of patients this winter.

Kim Steiner, E.R. Education, says, "We're seeing some, but not to the same extent that we saw last year at the same time because we haven't had the quantity of ice this year that we had last year. I think if we see more ice coming up, we're probably going to see more falls."

With the cycle of freezing and thawing we're getting, be sure to watch your step.

Doctors say the best thing to do when the sidewalks are slick is to stay home, but we all know when you've got to go to work, school, or the grocery store, that isn't always possible.

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