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Dubuque's Red Kettle Campaign expects to meet $155,000 goal

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - There are just days left in the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaigns across Eastern Iowa. But each is having trouble.

The Johnson County chapter says the cold and snow are keeping donations down. Meanwhile the Cedar Rapids Salvation Army says it desperately needs more volunteer bell-ringers. And the Waterloo Salvation Army blames both the weather and a lack of volunteers for it being $15,000 behind its goal. And time is running out in Dubuque.

The Salvation Army in Dubuque has a goal of $155,000 by December 24th.

Despite a bad economy, over twenty inches of snow, and frigid temperatures, they say the people of Dubuque have been generous and put their goal within reach.

Some say the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear but sometimes ringing loud works too.

"We're ringing bells to gather money for the Salvation Army," said Corey Felters of Dubuque.

Confirmation students at Emmanuel Congregational Church in Dubuque are standing outside Kennedy Mall, just two days before Christmas.

"We've made quite a lot of money since we've been here today and a lot of people have been donating," said Clarice LeBlanc of Dubuque.

That's been the story throughout the Red Kettle Campaign.

"The economy is bad and we have a little bit of a slow start but we've come around and the Dubuque community is supporting use 100%," said Marlene Smothers, Executive Assistant at the Salvation Army in Dubuque.

Almost 100%, the campaign's topped $100,000 and thinks it will reach the $155,000 goal. The Salvation Army credits the people of Dubuque.

"They are digging deep into their pockets and they're pulling out their loose change and dollar bills and of course we got a gold coin too," said Smothers.

And bell ringers agree.

"They see a need is here and eve though they are hurting they're are others that are willing to reach out to those in need," said Karen Candee of Dubuque.

And they're ringing in the Christmas spirit, one donation at a time.

"Its a nice thing to do and everyone wants to have a happy holiday," said Felters.

"Thank you to this Dubuque community for they are the greatest," added Smothers.

Certainly a testament to the people in Dubuque.

The Salvation Army expects to top the $155,000 mark when the campaign ends Thursday, December 24th as the Senior Center, Rotary Club and several churches give one last ring for money.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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