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Cold weather keeping tow truck drivers busy

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Looking outside your window this morning, there was no way of telling just how cold it was outside.

If you tried to start your car you realized the effects of cold temperatures.

Whether you had trouble starting the car, or you couldn't open the door, tow truck drivers are seeing it all.

Adam Arling and his wife have been busy since December first when snow started to blanket the streets of Dubuque.

"Done a lot of lock out services, peoples locks freezing up. Jump starts of course a lot of pull outs, lots of towing. Just all around a lot of work with the trucks," said Arling.

In the last three days their phones have been ringing off the hook with service calls.

In fact while we were visiting A & B Automotive, their phone rang with two calls. In a matter of minutes two trucks were on the road.

We followed Arling to a call to start someone's car.

"I got up at 5:50 and was gonna go start me car and warm it up. It woudn't start so I was thinking there's something wrong with the ignition. it was frozen or something," said Cody Weiner of Dubuque.

But within a few seconds Arling was able to start the car. He says in this cold weather makes it hard to start any car parked outside. Simply put, there isn't enough heat to create a spark when you turn the key.

"If the car doesn't start, most vehicles are fuel injected now a days, which means basically there's gonna be a problem if it ain't starting. Its not cranking over or whether the vehicles actually starting," said Arling.

He said the best thing to do, once you get your car started, is let it warm up a few minutes before you drive it.

But Arling's job isn't done here; one our way to the call this two car accident happened right down the street.

"Right now the cars pigeon toed. One wheels going this way and one's going the other way," said Helen Rowe, a driver involved in the accident.

So in the course of a few minutes, Arling started one car and towed another. All in a very cold days work.

One tip: Arling says always carry a set of jump cables in your trunk. And always have a charged cell phone with you.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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