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Free parking in Dubuque

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - The first round of wintery weather hit Eastern Iowa late Thrusday night. But now crews are beginning to clean up the mess it left behind.

The snow has done falling in Dubuque but it's left behind a big mess. Chances are if you parked your car on the street Thursday night, you woke up to snowed under a man-made avalanche. And if you tried to make your morning commute downtown, you may have had trouble finding a parking spot. Well the city's doing its best to help change that.

On Locust street in Dubuque Friday afternoon there were two lanes of traffic, but no place to park. Some parking meters, even buried under snow.

"Obviously with the amount of snowfall taht we've had, which I'm hearing is 9-10 inches, the streets need to be cleared," said Scott Crabill of the Dubuque Police Department.

But if you don't have a drive way, or a garage, moving your car from the street can be difficult.

Which is why the City of Dubuque is offering free parking all weekend, in their Locust and Fourth Street parking ramps.

But the city is also enforcing the odd/even parking policy, starting monday.

"And the odd/even is gonna be enforced on Monday and Tuesday, Mondays is the even so no parking on even side of the streets on snow routes. Tuesday then is the odd," said Crabill.

Routes are designated by this sign. Parking here can get you a $30 fine. But police say the policy will pay off in the end.

"The best thing people can do is to get their cars off the streets so the plows can do their job and get as close to the curb as possible," said Crabill

That odd/even policy only applies to those streets marked as snow routes. As for any other streets, crews say its best to keep your car off the streets so plows can hit the streets and get rid of the snow this weekend.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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