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Snow blankets Black Hawk County

BLACK HAWK COUNTY (KWWL) - Snow fell hard and fast overnight across the Waterloo/Cedar falls area Thursday into Friday. And for those who had to be out in it, it was as bad or worse than they expected.

People woke up to enough heavy snow to cancel scores of schools, businesses and all kinds of activities...But many still had to brave the elements anyway.

Gale Smith of Waterloo said, "Oh my god...It was wild. I didn't look forward to shovelin' but i had to get out and go to work."

Plow drivers knew they had a long day ahead....and the d-o-t drivers are on the front lines clearing the highways and interstates for people who absolutely have to travel.

Plow driver Tony Graves said, "For a couple of hours it was the worst conditions I ever plowed in. You couldn't see anything, you could barely see and it was really bad. It was hard keeping the windows clean... there wasn't much traffic but it was bad."

Trooper Mark Sigwarth with the Iowa State Patrol said, "It is dangerous. This time right now we have accidents in different areas and emergency personnel, troopers, deputies, ambulances, fire trucks, etc. That cannot make it to the accident scenes. We're telling people to please stay home, make it a three day weekend. If you do venture out, you're a risk and if you go into the ditch or are involved in an accident, you may be waiting a very long time."

24 hour businesses like Kwik Star in Waterloo are always open. That means a harrowing drive for its manager very early in the morning.

Julie Stumbro said, "I took highway 20 at first and it wasn't plowed so it was interesting. I didn't see any cars thank god so i didn't have anyone to worry about but myself."

A busy and long day for those who have to be out...A three day weekend for countless others.

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