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Health Plus Covenant's Med fit Program

WATERLOO (KWWL) -- Overhauling your diet and exercise routines can be tough to accomplish.  But don't rule out the benefit of a few, small adjustments.  In Health Plus, how minor changes can have major results.

This fake fat represents 27 pounds.  That's how much one eastern Iowa woman shed this year thanks to minor changes in her lifestyle.

"I have a bad back and I was getting so I could hardly do steps."

Just one of a number of reasons Sharon Borgwardt decided in January to join Covenant's Medfit program at the Kimball Wellness Center in Waterloo.  The 65-year-old saw a story we did about it last year and 12 months later has made a lot of progress.

"I have a lot more energy so I'm not huffin' and puffin'."

The key says one nutrition expert is to make small changes that overtime yield big results.  And you have a lot of opportunities.

"We make 200 choices about food everyday. That's the average number of decisions we have to make on what to eat, what not to eat, how much to eat, whether to eat, whether to walk away from things," says Mary Steffensmeier, a nutrition educator.

Sharon only works out twice a week but she tries to take long walks on her off days and restrict her food portions.

"You enjoy food a lot better when you decide to limit your amount."

Year-round portion control, even during the holidays, helps.

"It's just like snow. The bigger the pile gets the more we have to lose. So if we can keep that weight gain to a minimum there won't be so much to get rid of next year," says Mary.

Imagine how much fat you can leave behind.


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