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Beet juice salt

Cedar Falls (KWWL) - Forget vision of sugar plums. One eastern Iowan has sugar beets dancing in his head. He's using the vegetable to melt ice and snow.

Scott Secor doesn't complain when ice and snow cover local roads. That's because he's got an answer to clearing them.

"This product is coated with a byproduct of sugar beets," Secor said.

You heard right. Secor's Cedar Falls company, Roadway Solutions, sells ice melt coated with beet juice.

Unlike traditional rock salt, he says this solution works in -10 degrees weather and you can use 30-percent less to get even better results.

"It's substantially less abrasive on concrete and blacktop. It elminates that freeze-thaw cycle that breaks up the concrete," Secor said.

The City of Cedar Rapids and UNI have used it. Interest is growing, he says, because it's environmentally friendly, less run-off and safe for pets.

"It's friendly. They're not going to be burning their feet like the other chlorides out there," Secor said.

Who knew a vegetable could pack so much punch? Secor sells his trademarked Pro-Melt in stores across eastern Iowa.

This method is already being used locally, last year the city of Cedar Rapids began using a mixture of beet juice to clear their roads.

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