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Snowy weather leaves air travelers grounded

by Bryan Goettel

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Tuesday's snowfall meant slow commutes for drivers across the state of Iowa. And for some trying to fly in and out of the Eastern Iowa Airport, it also meant an extremely long day.

"I was here at the airport at about 10:30 this morning," said Allen Remling, from Manchester.

Remling knew he had a long day ahead. After all, he's headed to England for the holidays. But more than eight hours after getting to the airport, he was still there.

"We were on the plane once," Remling said.  "Then we were taken off the plane and then we were put on the plane again and then the flight was actually finally cancelled."

Remling's sister finally picked him up and he'll try again in the morning. So will Cornell College student Robert Eve.  He went through the same kind of day, but he spent his night on the airport floor.

"My only option right now," Eve said.  "I spent all my money on a cab to get here. I have money for pizza, that's it. I'm broke."

Several flights in and out of the Eastern Iowa Airport had to be cancelled. For Robert, that meant the ski slopes of Colorado would have to wait until Wednesday.

"I asked one of the employees if I could get a wakeup call, but I think I'm just going to have to use my watch," said Eve with a smile.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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