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UNI fans brave cold weather to tailgate

By Lauren Squires

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) - The temperature was in the upper 30's, the sun shining, the wind blowing but that is not stopping avid Panther fans from tailgating before a historical game in the UNI dome.

Thousands of fans huddled together in groups outside the UNI-Dome Saturday for a little fun before heading inside for the game.

"We're here tailgating and we're freezing out butts off but it's a lot of fun," said Rob Williams, a student at UNI.

"Hoping the Panthers get a victory," added Jerad Corbin.

Waving flags, cooking food, and enjoy a few drinks; these fans know this game could make history.

"This is big, really big we're really excited and we're gonna win this one," said Williams.

"That would be my birthday present if they win today, it'd be a good birthday," said Tom Shea.

Meanwhile over at the dome, crews are clearing sidewalks and selling tickets. And the then, the fans poured in, by the hundreds; all with their own predictions.

"Hopefully we can repeat like in 2005 but we gotta win today so hopefully we can," said Corbin.

"It's gonna be really hard, especially given the Spiders, they're gonna have to come in with a lot of heart but we're gonna take them down cause we're the Panthers," said Williams.

The Panthers ended up losing 21-20 to Richmond and will not have the chance to play in the National Championship Game.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires
Online Producer: Mike Verlo

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