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Roads remain icy

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- While crews have been out all day throughout Eastern Iowa, once the sun set a new problem presented itself: cleared streets now frozen over again.

By Tuesday afternoon in Dubuque, most primary and secondary streets were clear.

"Our goal for this evening is to get through all the residential routes," said John Klostermann, Dubuque Streets and Sewer Supervisor.

Which ultimately becomes a race against time: plowing and deicing streets by midnight. But no matter how much crews plow across Eastern Iowa, cold temperatures may get the best of them.

"If it gets cold, which it's gonna get cold, there's always gonna be ice spots," said Klostermann. "There's always going to be some roadways that they're gonna have to have caution on."

Which is why Monty Lyons is driving extremely carefully.

"It's like you have grease under your tires," said Lyons. "You gotta be careful not to ride your brake."

He takes Highway 20 and Highway 151 everyday and says while crews do their best to clear the roads, when the sun goes down it's dangerous.

"You can slip and slide and loose control in a matter of seconds, so take your time and don't be impatient, just be patient," said Lyons.

In the meantime, crews in Dubuque are used to this, especially after last year's winter.

"We're kinda in this replay that we had last December," said Klostermann. "If you're remember it snowed every other day and we had this same scenario."

Tuesday night, crews are clearing and treating streets in hopes that roads will be safe for you to drive on in the morning.

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