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Worried about driving on hills? Kids say sled instead

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- The Tri-States region is known for its scenic, hilly landscape, but on snowy days, those hills make it hard to get around. On Tuesday, with a layer of snow, piled on top of ice, the roads in Dubuque are treacherous, especially for people living in the bluffs.

"We've lived here for 15 years, I think," Cathy McDermott said.

The McDermotts came outside early, shoveling snow at their house on their portion of the hill, on a road city plows usually save for one of the last.

"We can never go up our ally to our driveway. Sometimes we have to park at the bottom when it's icy."

Neighbors agree; navigating the steep slope lined with cars is tricky.

"They're pretty bad. This is a pretty narrow street and people park on both sides, and with the snow, it makes it tough," John Gobeli said.

That's why everyone up here is prepared when the weather turns rough.

"I keep sand in the back of my car and a shovel," McDermott said.

"Go slow, and make sure you have good tires on your car, and just kind of watch so you don't like into other people," Gobeli said.

While adults might fret about driving on the hills, for kids, the ice and snow covered hills are heaven. Dozens of kids spent their day off of school sledding around town at places like Bunker Hill.

So when it comes to getting up the snow-covered bluffs or going down the slippery hills many kids say there's a better solution to braving the bluffs in a car, just sled instead.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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