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Snow-covered bluffs tough to navigate

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- People in the Tri-States are dealing with not only a thick layer of snow, but a thick layer of ice on everything. That's making roads dangerous especially in the bluffs.

Everyone in Dubuque has to factor the bluffs into in-town travel plans, even avoiding them if possible on particularly snowy days, but for people living there, there is no choice.

"They're pretty bad. This is a pretty narrow street and people park on both sides, and with the snow...It makes it tough," John Gobeli said.

"We can never go up our ally to our driveway. Sometimes we have to park at the bottom when it's icy," Cathy McDermott said.

Road crews in Dubuque target highways, main roads, and emergency vehicle routes first, so those living in the bluffs have to help themselves and just make it through.

"Go slow! Go slow, make sure you have good tires on your car and just kind of watch so you don't slide into other people," Gobeli said.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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