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Icy roads create dangerous driving

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Wintery weather hit eastern Iowa Monday morning, causing motorists to spin out of control. George Krutsinger says when a car lost control in front of him, there was nothing he could do to stop his semi from ending up in the ditch along Highway 218.

"He fought it for a half a mile or better. The jake-brake was on, but I was coming down that grade, and I couldn't put my foot on the brakes or nothing."

He slammed into the side of the car, knocking out its windshield. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Ironically, he'd just dropped off his cargo, which happened to be a load of rock salt.

"As soon as it started doing this I slowed down," he said, looking up at the freezing rain on his winshield. "I haven't been driving the speed limit at all."

Krutsinger was joined by other motorists who experienced the same thing. A head-on collision on Highway 6 east of Iowa City sent three Coralville drivers to the hospital. Three other vehicles went into the ditch to avoid it.

It's got Robert Van Ginkle, Operations Manager for Campus Towing, wishing people would slow down.

"This is a bad corner here, and people just weren't paying attention."

LaMonte Williams is one of Van Ginkle's drivers, and already had a backlog of towing calls when he got to work. "I was just listening to the radio. We've got quite a few in the ditch," said Williams.

Wth temperatures bordering on freezing, roads may not appear to be icy, but Williams says looks can be deceiving.

"You'll drive down the road and it looks wet, and it's actually black ice. You don't see it, and you're going 70 miles an hour down the interstate. Anything can happen."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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