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A half million layoffs in November

WASHINGTON (KWWL) -- As the Big Three CEOs looked for help from inside the beltway.  Companies across the country continue to tighten their belts.

The trickle down, causing a flood of layoffs, 533,000 in November.

Now, the worst jobs report since 1974 was released, almost 200,000 more than expected.

Rick Spinosa - Unemployed Truck Driver :24 - :27)

"Merry Christmas, you're laid off," said unemployed truck driver Rick Spinosa. "Not Good."

Denver's Salvation Army is now hearing their stories.

"I've got to do something to pay the bills. Make sure my children have Christmas," said Spinosa.

A reality, acknowledged Friday by President Bush.

"Today's job data reflects the fact that our economy is in a recession," said Bush.

And it was echoed across the country in even more cuts.

In Michigan, auto parts maker Gentez announced it is letting go as many as 400 workers.

While cities like San Antonio are now waiting to see bhow many of AT&T's 12,000 layoffs hit home, the phone giant making cuts as more people give up their landlines.

"Because of economic pressures and a changing market place in different products and services, now is the time to do that," said Bill Mock of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce.

Even those who report the news are not immune.

"We all knew it was coming," said Drake University professor Kathleen Richardson.

Iowa's largest newspaper, The Des Moines Register cut 74 positions, including cartoonist Brian Duffy. 

"It's certainly an end of an era," said Richardson. "That is the front page editorial cartoon was the hallmark of the Register."

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