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Putting Postville back together

POSTVILLE (KWWL) -- Often this time of year we hear stories of hope and giving and for months in Postville we've heard stories of people rallying together and hoping things turn around.   Thursday offered one more step in the right direction.

As puzzle pieces sit on a table in the basement of turner hall in postville, dozens gather to hear Leutenant Governor Patty Judge bring good news.

"This whole event has started out bad and gone from bad to worse, and we hope and have some reason to believe that we're starting to see some new light," said Judge.

New light in the form of a $700,000 community block grant, offering up to $3000 per family pending an application.

The Leutenant Governor also says 3 AmeriCorps Vista members will arrive next week.

Cleath White, moved to Postville from Dubuque to work at Agriprocessors. He hasn't been paid in weeks and owes $3000 in rent. 

"I just received another eviction notice today to go to court and i don't even have a car to go there," said White.

Leutenant Governor Judge says putting the pieces together will take time, but it will happen

"The best thing that can happen is getting that plant up and running again as fast as possible," said Judge.

There is an application process to receive that grant money, which will help pay utilities, rent and other bills.

Even with that relief there are still many questions to be answered and a long road ahead.

Online Reporter:  Lauren Squires

Online Producer:  Dani Blecha

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