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Palo get first public water supply

PALO (KWWL) - For the first time since the June flooding, which contaminated many area wells, the City of Palo has a single and reliable source of drinking water.

In a nine-hundred gallon tank sitting at the city's fire station, there's plenty of clean water to go around.

"It's as good as any municipal water I've tasted," one resident told us, after taking her first drink.

For Bob Herr, it means relying less on expensive bottled water. "It tastes like it's been treated, and I don't have to worry about what is in the water."

This public well, accompanied by the city's first fire hydrant, cost about $130,000.

Both are just a few feet from the fire station. "We've gained potable water and fire protection with this system," said Tom Watson with Palo's infrastructure department. He says it will be especially valuable to firefighters during the summer.

"They have to have water to wash off with, cool down, or take a drink out of, too."

The well reaches into an uncontaminated aquifer, about 180 feet below ground. Watson says the water may be somewhat cloudy for the first few days, but the color and slightly off-taste don't seem to bother these people.

"It just looks like it's got some good minerals in it," said Herr. "Some good Iowa minerals."

For now, residents will need to bring their empty bottles and coolers to fill up. Watson says the next step will be to connect every building in Palo to the water supply. "Having a good potable water and fire protection system in town will make a difference in drawing commerce and industry to the town."

Watson says it will take a public vote to hook the whole city up to this water source. He estimates the cost of the project will be around $1,000,000.

Online Reporter - Brady Smith

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