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Agriprocessors employees could be heading back to work

POSTVILLE (KWWL) -- On Friday, Agriprocessors employees received a memo from the company's new Chapter 11 trustee outlining how they can return to work, when they will get paid and thoughts on the future of the company.

Joseph Sarachek will be responsible for the assets and operations at Agriprocessors. Sarachek and his team, which includes Arnie Mikelberg and Alan Glueck, have a history of working with meat processing plants, including kosher plants. The three have been in Postville this week meeting with employees and governement officials. Mikelberg and Glueck will be responsible for operational decisions at the plant.

In his memo to employees, Sarachek says they will attempt to restart operations at Agriprocessors on a limited basis to process existing poultry and some other inventory. The bank will provide the money, but it must first be approved by the bankruptcy court in a hearing on Dec. 1.

If the bank funding is approved, Agriprocessors will be able to hire back 200 employees. Those employees will be paid for their current work, and their back wages will be paid over a four week period.

Sarachek says there are several positive factors heading into the future that will help Agriprocessors including the state of the art facility, the company's position as a leader in the kosher and poulty marketplace and the dedication and training of the workforce in Postville. He also says there is some possible interest in buying the company.

Any employees interested in returning to work are asked to contact Chaim Abrams at (563) 864-7811.

Online Producer: Jenn Jarvis

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