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Busiest night out of the year

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- With all the work that goes into making that Thanksgiving dinner, you probably didn't want to cook Wednesday night. You're not alone. The day before Thanksgiving is historically the busiest night for local bars and restaurants.

"Wednesdays before Thanksgiving get to be relatively busy with everyone coming home for the holidays," said Lisa Higgins, a bartender at Fat Tuesday's in Dubuque.

With thanksgiving less than 24 hours away, Fat Tuesday's is prepared for a crowd.

"We have extra people in the kitchen, an extra waitress, an extra bartender coming in," said Higgins. "We're going to be very full, but we'll get through it."

Meanwhile, The Silver Dollar Cantina in downtown Dubuque is seeing its first night before Thanksgiving since the place burned down in 2001.

"Everyone comes into town. Christmas, they come into town, but Thanksgiving seems to be the busiest," said Silver Dollar General Manager Michelle Bechen. "Not many people have to work tomorrow, most of the job is sitting couch watching football and eating a lot."

But the night before Thanksgiving, most are thankful to let someone else play host. Which is why both places are stocked and ready for this pre-holiday party.

"Friends and family all meet, everybody up here knows each other, so it's just one big happy reunion," said Higgins.

Pizza places are also a busy place. Domino's ranks the day before Thanksgiving as its third busiest night of the year, behind Super bowl Sunday and Halloween.

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