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Cedar Rapids seeks help from Federal lawmakers outside Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL)-- Cedar Rapids needs more funding from the federal government to help communities recover from the June floods. The City is urging residents to contact friends and relatives from other states to write letters to their members of Congress.

Cedar Rapids needs more money in order to rebuild homes, businesses, neighborhoods, and to build flood walls to prevent future flooding.

Here are some statistics for the Cedar Rapids area devastated by the floods.

  • 10 sq. mi. (14 percent) of the City impacted by flood;
  • 18,623 estimated persons in flood-impacted area;
  • 1,360 estimated jobs lost as a result of flood;
  • 1,800 students displaced by the flood;
  • 7,198 parcels of land flooded;
  • 5,390 residential properties flooded (51 percent rental, 49 percent owner-occupied); and,
  • $2.4 billion estimated damage cost to public infrastructure and future flood management.

For anyone whose friends or relatives do not have the contact information for their U.S. Senators or House member, they can go to http://whoismyrepresentative.com/, type in their zip code and can get their lawmakers' names and contact information.

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