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Dixie Beard: at the crossroads

by Sunny Layne

CEDAR FALLS (KWWL) -- No matter the wind, snow, or sub-zero temperatures, eastern Iowa crossing guards weather all the elements for one reason: to keep children safe. Meet one dedicated crossing guard who manages to keep a smile on her face even during seven degree weather! Dixie Beard, someone you should know.

"Good morning Devin and Nic, how are you?"

Cedar Falls crossing guard Dixie Beard takes her job seriously.

"Sometimes we have cars that don't stop and they go right on through to a red light," she said.

"Usually my brother and I meet with Dixie and she walks me across and I go all the way to my school," 1st grader Devin O'Laughlin said.

Students like Devin and Nic O'Laughlin say Beard greets them cheerfully twice a day, no matter the weather or traffic.

"She's always in a good mood," 5th grader Nic O'Laughlin said. "She's very caring. She gives us little bags on Christmas Halloween. It makes me feel happy because she doesn't have to do that but she does."

"Usually that's how I do it," Beard said. "Always greet 'em with a smile."

Children and parents alike say Dixie Beard brings a lift to the morning, not just because of her smile, but her commitment to safety.

"If we take the car one day, my kids are always waving out the window at Dixie," mother Ingrid Carlstein Reyes said. "This street is very busy, so it's nice to know we have someone who's there every morning and afternoon."

The safety of children, it's the reason Beard stands out here on mornings when the mercury dips to just seven degrees Fahrenheit.

"A couple mornings when it was windy and cold out there, I thought what am I doing out here?" Beard said. "But then I think, 'Here comes my kids,' and sometimes the parents come with them, and I think, 'That's why.'"

Dixie Beard not only helps children, but drivers as well. She witnessed a car crash in her area and was the first to call 911. No one was seriously hurt.

Online Reporter: Sunny Layne

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