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First ever floating condo on Mississippi

By Lauren Squires

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - As more and more baby boomers plan for retirement, they look for the place with the best amenities.

Now one man is taking advantage of the midwest's biggest amenity-- the Mississippi River.

Gary Clark has been retired for nine years.

"If I see something I like, I go to it," said Clark.

That's why you'll find him in the front row of the Grand River Center, he wants to learn more about river cities.

"It's kind of a mystery, most people don't realize we have 600 miles of riverways, 1100 miles of watercoastal, intercoastal waterways that are all connected," David Nelson, RiverCity C.E.O.

Connection is what sparks this floating condo. Build a 400 person, portable condominium on a barge. Yes! A barge.

"As you can imagine, it's quite a task, not only to build an attractive boat, but also one that can fit under every bridge and lock on the entire 1700 mile cruise route," said Nelson.

Now this first ever moving condo will be making hundreds of stops, including one right here in Dubuque, and if you're wondering about these cold winter months, we're told the barge will spend most of the winter down south.

"This boat follows the sun, during the summer months we hit the northern rivers, and during the winter we hit the southern rivers and intercoastal waterways," said Nelson.

This mobile home offers a new lifestyle for retired people.

"The lifestyle decision of experiencing 6,600 miles of riverway all the cool towns, experiences around the corner," said Steve Hyland, Sales Manager.

And all the amenities too. Including an 18 hole golf course. All the reasons why gary clark is interested.

"Going up and down the Mississippi river and tributing, I thought to myself, that sounds like something somebody might enjoy," said Clark.

They already have 21 spaces sold, and the youngest person is 48 and the oldest person in 83. You can buy two months on RiverCities for the starting price of $55,000.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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