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Postville couple left with a hefty insurance bill

DUBUQUE (KWWL) - Agriprocessors Kosher Meat Packing Plant in Postville has been closed for almost a week now and are a week behind on their pay-roll.

But two truck drivers say these aren't the first promises broken they are left with $30,000 medical bill after insurance didn't pay. No paychecks, a hefty insurance bill, and a truck sitting in their driveway all because Agriprocessors can't pay.

Bud and Melody Brink have lived in Postville for thirty years. For the last six and half years they've been driving trucks for Agriprocessors.

"I've seen it at its best and when its at its best it's a good place to work," said Bud Brink, Agriprocessor truck driver.

Up until July they had no complaints.

"I had ankle surgery in July and it was not paid. After 2 months nothing had been paid. Three months had gone by nothing had been paid," said Brink.

Four months later:

"$30,000 hospital bill now that if we don't come up with some different insurance or a way to pay it. I'm gonna have to," said Brink.

Argiprocessors was taking money out of Bud's paycheck, but wasn't paying the bill.

The trouble continued two weeks ago when the couple was delivering a load from Postville to New York.

"We made it to Derrysburg, Ohio; just sitting and waiting for them to put money in the EFS card," said Melody Brink, Bud's wife.

28 hours later, they turned around to head home.

"Then they called to say they put money into the account," said Melody.

The Brinks turned around and delivered the load, but since then their truck's been sitting in their driveway. But they're hopeful that things will turn around.

"I'm hoping agri gets going again it's gonna take time. I hope they get it going again, maybe if they have to go under new management. Whatever it takes," said Brink.

The Brinks say they have money saved up, but with two of their daughters working in the plant, now left without paychecks, it's certainly not easy to get by.

Online Reporter: Lauren Squires

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