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Election of Obama triggers rise in gun sales

by Bryan Goettel

WILLIAMSBURG (KWWL) - A struggling economy, but you'd never know by walking into Gabe's Gun Shop in Williamsburg. Business there literally has never been better.  And it all goes back to one simple reason: the election of Barack Obama.

Mike Gabriel has had to stay close to the phone these days.

"The day of the election it was even getting a lot crazier," said Gabe's Gun Shop owner Mike Gabriel.  "The phone just rings off the wall."

Concern that Barack Obama will restrict the rights of gun owners is triggering a dramatic increase in sales.

"I would say President-Elect Obama has definitely stimulated the gun market," Gabriel said.

Gabriel says assault rifles are in the most demand.  He says in the past month, he's sold about a hundred. That's four times what he sells in a typical month.

"Stockpiling ammunition, stockpiling guns. They just want to be ready for whatever they think may happen," Gabriel said. 

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek believes the fears are unfounded.

"I never once heard Barack Obama say that he was going to limit the gun rights and the right to own and bear arms," Pulkrabek said.

But many gun owners aren't taking any chances.

"Nobody wants to have their guns taken from them," Gabriel said.  "That I think is the bottom line. They want to get 'em before they're banned."

One gun owner told KWWL he was looking at one particular gun for a while. And in light of the election, he said he might as well buy it now.

Online Reporter: Bryan Goettel

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