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MONEY MATTERS: Car owners spending more on repairs

DUBUQUE (KWWL) -- New car sales may be slumping, but mechanics are busier than ever. Drivers are saving money by patching up aging vehicles instead of splurging on a new one.

More and more cars are coming into local auto shops, and not just for routine oil changes or winterization. Now, people are replacing expensive parts and paying for big fixes.

"A little more on the repair side. They're fixing a lot more than they used to. Other times we heard a lot, 'I'm going to get a different car'. We're not having that as much anymore. We're hearing now, 'let's go ahead and fix it.,'" Ron Vaughn, an auto shop owner, said.

Vaughn says he's been offering more deals and package specials, something customers are snapping up. Vaughn also says if you go and have your car professionally checked out and do preventative maintenance, you can save money in the future."

"Like fixing a tie rod and aligning the vehicle. Of course, that's going to save on the wear on your tires, so that's a little more money back in your pocket in the long run. Things like transmission flush and fill. Keeping that fluid changed in there so you don't have to replace that transmission at $2,000," Vaughn said.

Those are the little fixes, but Vaughn says people are also spending more to make repairs.

"Not only because the price is going up, but because people are doing larger repairs on their cars," Vaughn said.

Larger repairs that will keep the old cars moving right through these though economic times. Vaughn said he's getting more calls for price quotes over the phone, a sign of more people doing comparison shopping for repairs.

Online Reporter:  Jamie Grey

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