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Building tourism around a BIG Strawberry

STRAWBERRY POINT (KWWL) -- Built in 1968, standing 15 feet high and 14 feet wide, Strawberry Point is believed to be home to "The World's Largest Strawberry."

Made from fiberglass, sitting right outside the Strawberry Point City Hall the delicious-looking berry is the focal point of the small town.

"It's known all over," city clerk administrator Deanna Dement said.

Dement knows first hand the strawberry's popularity.

"I don't know how many times I've had to go out there and take pictures. The first time I was like, I can do that for you, but why? Now it's second nature," Dement said.

It's true said Economic Development Director McKenzie Johnson. It's hard for people to drive by without taking a picture.

"You pretty much can't drive a day in the summer and not see somebody out there taking their picture enjoying the strawberry," Johnson said.

The strawberry's draw is what spurred a new section of the city's website. Now you can submit your picture with the strawberry.

Johnson and Dement hope the opportunity to post a picture to the web encourages people to visit the town and maybe do a little shopping too.

"I think it's definitely the centerpiece for tourism. It's a big draw and it's also a great reference point. People know the strawberry and know how to get there," Johnson said.

Strawberry Point just finished its vision plan for the next 18 years. Dement said one of the main goals is concentrating on the strawberry theme. She said focusing tourism around "The World's Largest Strawberry" can only help the small, but already growing town.

"Our town is really coming together. We're starting to work together to accomplish goals,"  Dement said.

It's red and green, hard to miss and one of the keys to this small town's future success.

Reporter: Danielle Wagner

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