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Workers leaving Postville for better life

POSTVILLE (KWWL) - Trouble in Postville continues after Sholom Rubashkin, for CEO of Agriprocessors was arrested Friday morning. Then utilities were shut off in hundreds of Palaun homes. And to make matters worse workers did not recieve their paychecks on Friday.

For some Palauns - it's trail of broken promises that started with the chance to help support a family.

Rayvan Avelvar and Nicholas Loson spend Saturday afternoon waiting; something they've been doing since they arrived in Postville from the Island Nation of Palau.

"They told us we didn't need to get anything cuase coming here, they were going have everything. Like money for clothes and housing," said Nicholas Loson.

These two men were brough here by their agent; promised a full time job and a chance to support their families back home.

"Then when we got here it was a whole different story," added Loson.

They started working for Agriprocessors in late September. A month later: no pay check, no place to live and no money to send home.

"I've got a family back home and i need to help them out," said Avelvar.

Which is why Avelvar and Loson are frusterated.

"I've wasted a lot of time doing nothing. Like no accomplishing what I really want to do," said Avelvar.

But after weeks of broken promises, these men are finally looking up. They're moving to Minnesota.

"There's a company there and we're leaving tomorrow," said Loson.

They plan to stay in a hotel for two weeks while they find housing. But this job has security, they'll be members of a union.

"Try to get those missed days and try to stand on our own two feet," said Avelvar.

And after all they've been through, perhaps their most grateful to the Postville community. And people like Elvert Alvero. Who say even after Palauns.; justice will be served.

"I believe in justic and i know that is coming and everything that they're going through they're going to have answers," said Alvero.

Answers that for now, mean a move to the north, while hoping for a better life.

In the meantime people in Postville are rallying together as everyone tries to make it through the weekend, without pay checks. A temporary food bank is set up at the multi-cultural center in Postville.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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