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Workers stranded in Postville


POSTVILLE (KWWL) - Stranded - that's the word being used to describe dozens of Agriprocessors workers Saturday. They're mostly Palauans - who came to postville to work for the Kosher meatpacking plant after May's immigration raid.

Troubles began with that raid on May 12th at the Postville plant. November 5th, the plant filed for bankruptcy protection. Monday, some workers utilities were shut off due to non-payment. Workers say their landlord was supposed to pay the bill.

Friday, federal agents arrested former agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin for a second time in two months. He's still in jail on bank fraud charges. Later in the day, many workers told us they didn't get their weekly agriprocessors paychecks.

Saturday workers were either in Postville waiting it out or doing all they can to get out. Hundreds of Palauans were without power Friday morning leaving them homeless and locked out. That forced many to moved Decorah, as the 17 remaining Palauans set plans to spend the night at the Red Cross. All 17 say they'll be leaving no later than Monday, that is if they can find a place to go.

"We're still looking fora new beginning to start living and i hope we find a good job to work and to earn money," said former worker, Vale Rian.

Meanwhile, in Postville the Palauans aren't the only ones feeling the effects of no paychecks. The Multi-cultural center has been set up as a temporary food bank. Donations can be dropped off any time.

Online reporter: Lauren Squires

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