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Two travelers avoid most economic woes


IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Most Americans these days spend time fighting against rip currents of tight credit, job losses, home forclosures and plummetting stocks. But two friends, both from the same small town in Pennsylvania, didn't want to deal with that.

"We both graduated college and decided we didn't want to live normal, conventional lives," says Brandon Bicking. He and his friend Luke Breeze are on their way to California. "We just packed up acoustic guitars and hit the road."

They've been on the road 3 months now, driving their Volkswagen van. On the back of their van they've painted messages such as, "We hate gas prices," and, "No home, no money, let's party!" On one side of the van is a list of the states they've travelled, and the name of their band, "When East Meets West," on the other.

"We have one debit card," says Bicking. "We took all of our savings and put it into one account before we left." They use the van with a couple of sleeping bags in back for shelter, when they're not staying with people they meet along their route. They have no credit cards, meaning no debts to pay off later, but it also means they have to be careful of how much they spend on things like gas.

"Chicago was the worst," says Breeze. "We paid like $4.30 a gallon, which was rough." He and Bicking agreed they were happy to see gas prices falling as they came through the Midwest.

For extra money, Bicking and Breeze rely on temp agencies for short-term jobs, and of course, landing the ocassional gig for their band. "Everybody's been really nice to us. They hear our story, and help us out."

They admit life on the open road can be tough, but say they wouldn't trade it for anything else right now.

"I think it's just a great feeling," Breeze told us. "People worry about so much, and people have such routines, and they just don't take time to just sit back and relax."

Online Reporter - Brady Smith


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